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SCTE•ISBE Penn Ohio Chapter Scholarship Program is funded annually each year to active SCTE•ISBE Penn Ohio Chapter members in good standing. It awards up to $900 each, per calendar year to the persons selected by the Penn-Ohio SCTE•ISBE Scholarship Subcommittee.  There are some criteria that must be met prior to selection.    




The requirements are:
1.    Recipient must be a member of the SCTE•ISBE in good standing.

2.    Recipient cannot be under any disciplinary action at the time of application.  A written reference from the applicant’s supervisor is required for scholarship approval.  

3.    Recipient may receive up to $900 per calendar year to take any certification course offered by the national SCTE•ISBE or any technical course offered by an accredited college or university.  The course must be directly related to the technical aspects of the broadband industry or an SCTE•ISBE certification. 

4.    Funds will be paid directly to the educational institution upon approval.

5.    Recipients may apply for one course per calendar year.  In order to qualify for a subsequent scholarship, the recipient must provide proof that the prior course was completed with a "B” or 3.0 academic average (GPA). 

6.    Registration and approval must occur prior to the start of the course.

7.    Scholarship approval, course approval and continued funding is at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Subcommittee and the Penn-Ohio Chapter Board of Directors.  The Penn-Ohio Board of Directors reserves the right to modify, change or discontinue the scholarship program at any time. 

8.    Only completed applications will considered for funding including references and other requirements. 

9.    Funding is limited and is on a first come first serve basis.  Submission of a completed application does not guarantee funding.  



Selection Process:

1.    To apply for scholarship the applicant must submit a completed application to the Scholarship Subcommittee for consideration. 
2.    The Subcommittee will meet regularly to review the applications and decide on approvals.  
3.    The applicant will be notified of the decision and if approved, funds will be transferred to the SCTE•ISBE or an educational institution in the applicant’s name to take the course.
4.    To be considered for subsequent scholarships, the applicant must provide proof to the Subcommittee that the prior course was completed with a B or a 3.0 GPA.

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