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Hall Of Honor


Ed Hassler Jr. 


Ed's Story

SCTE Penn-Ohio is honored to recognize Ed Hassler Jr. as the chapter’s first inductee into the Hall of Honors.

Ed spent 51 years working for Armstrong and started his career as the company’s first Ohio General Manager in the Ashland and Orrville territory. In the late 1960’s that role included building and operating the network, installing services to customers, managing daily business operations, and fostering relationships in the community. In 1973, Ed transitioned to the Armstrong corporate office as an Engineering Coordinator. Shortly after his move to the corporate office, Ed became responsible for managing the company’s outside physical plant architecture and design. He continued in that role until his retirement in 2017.

Ed witnessed countless industry technological changes. From the early introduction of color television sets to the recent installation of complicated fiber networks, his touch is present on every aspect of Armstrong’s technical infrastructure. He is responsible for hiring and training many of Armstrong’s current technical leaders, and his knowledge and legacy lives on.

Ed’s was invaluable to Armstrong during his tenure with the company. Even after his retirement, Ed’s imprint is evident in each mile of cable, head end and hub site, and engineering design. Ed is a true cable industry champion and pioneer. SCTE Penn-Ohio is proud to recognize him for this award.

Ed's SCTE Involvement

Ed attended his first Cable-Tec Expo in 1983. By 1990 he was a founding member of the SCTE Penn-Ohio Chapter. He continued working with the chapter until his retirement in 2017. 

Ed held many positions on the SCTE Penn-Ohio board including President. He was instrumental in insuring that  sessions had credible speakers who provided general cable technology information without catering to specific vendors or operators. The first Penn-Ohio meeting was held near the Pittsburgh airport and featured speaker Ted Hartson, aka 'Dr. Strangeleak' presenting on the topic of signal leakage. 

Ed was an advocate of the SCTE and it's value of providing technical training, certification, and information to the front line technician. This was a new concept in the 1990's and different from other cable groups in the area focused on providing support to industry managers and supervisors.  He was also an advocate for the the BCT/E certifications for field technicians and used them to assist in the evaluation process of Armstrong technicians for advancement. 

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In 2015, Ed turned off the first set of analog channels in the Armstrong Ashland, Ohio system to kick-off the digital conversion. He fired-up the Ashland system in 1969 when he did the first installs for an apartment complex in the area.

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